Wat is jouw purpose?

What is your purpose?

What am I actually doing here, what is there for me here? What is my purpose? Think of a baby, so carefree and still so pure. What has happened in the time since, what makes us who we are? And what does that mean, becoming an adult, growing up in the...
Het even niet weten is ook oké

Not knowing is also okay

You know it, those days or even weeks when you just don't know what to do. Or when you are not so positive about what is happening around you and inside. The other day I had an interesting conversation with someone about this. About how you don't always have to know...
Eenzaamheid omzetten in kracht

Turning loneliness into strength

From 1 to 8 October, it is the Week against Loneliness. A subject that touches me deeply. It is also a subject that I find difficult to discuss, even to write down, let alone share. It often comes up and often enough I have hidden it away again. The Week...