Waarom ik coaching zie als cadeaus

Why I see coaching as gifts

In my conversations within the Asian Dutch community, I notice that there is a taboo on coaching, asking for help and mental health. This is understandable, because from our cultural background this is literally ingrained. Talking about materialistic things,...
Back to my (cultural) roots part 2

Back to my (cultural) roots part 2

A while back (https://thanhhelpt.nl/back-to-your-cultural-roots/) I shared my story about the importance of going back to my (cultural) roots. Today, I would like to elaborate on what this journey has meant for me and what I...
Zichtbaar op jouw authentieke manier?

Visible in your authentic way?

What does being visible mean to you? When we talk about being visible, I think back to my time when I worked for the big corporate companies. I hated it! Being visible? I looked at the examples of 'loudly shouting' people who...