Being an Asian

With Vietnamese roots, I grew up in an Asian and Dutch culture. I struggled with that, especially at the beginning of my career.

Used to modesty, closed-mindedness and a hierarchical mentality, I also had to deal with Dutch directness and 'just do it'. Nowadays, I look at it very differently. I see the luxury and power of my two cultures!

This is how I help you

Perhaps you recognise this: modesty, being afraid of outside opinions, difficulty dealing with emotions, finding it difficult to ask for help and setting the bar endlessly high.

II offer you a programme in which you learn to deal with this and to benefit from both cultures. Guidance is possible 1 on 1, with your partner or in a group. We work with:

  • learning to deal with (showing) emotions.
  • Converting cultural contradictions into advantages.
  • engaging in communication.
  • see that being introverted is a strength.

This is what I noticed

I see the luxury and power of growing up in two cultures. My clients and I live and work with conviction with a Dutch and an Asian mentality. And that makes you more resilient and more comfortable.

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With my own life experiences, I help others in their personal development, both privately and professionally. Together, we find the way to a happier life, close to your core.

Life is not always rosy, but with a clear understanding of life, you can solve a lot.

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