The 3-3-3 Thanh Helps method

3 days, 3 weeks and 3 months

If you want to change something, it often costs discipline, willpower, priority and perseverance. Look at the things you wanted to change before, like exercising more, eating healthier, losing weight, looking at your phone less, being more mindful, etc.

The automatic programmes we are used to playing are often difficult to break. This is often due to how we feel or how fit we are. A really implement changeInstalling a new automatic programme in yourself takes at least three months.

Automatic programmes also have advantages - just think about driving a car. It would take a lot of energy and attention to have to learn this every time again. But old patterns, beliefs and behaviour that no longer serve you can certainly be changed. You just need to effort for it!

From three days, to three weeks, to three months

What do I do when I want to change something? I start the change by making my new habit three days consistent and committed apply. I make a conscious choice to go for it!

After three days, I evaluate the process by feeling whether the change is working for me. If it does not, I adjust it. If it is working, I put three weeks by. After three weeks I do the same, I adjust again and I put the new behaviour three months by. Always stay focused and start with small things, so you train your mindset to persevere and really change.

Let me give you an 'easy' example. Walk around the block from your house for 30 minutes every day, at the same time. Do this for three days and keep always the same time and round on. If you are bored, remember that your mind and body want to get you back into the old pattern.

Practise with a simple action

Keep going! Also know that if you a continue to do a simple operation in the same wayThis will give you more energy for other things. As an example, I will take another walk. You don't have to think about the route every day. You also don't have to worry about whether you're really doing 30 minutes of exercise or whether you're doing a full round, etc. because that's already been decided in advance. Because that is already predetermined.

All those extra questions (how, how long, when) make you give up more quickly. It costs you a lot of energy and thus increases the chance that you will eventually quit your new, good (healthy) habit.

I invite you, try the 3-3-3 Thanh Helps method. Your experiences or questions Please let me know. Will you let me know?

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