Full Body Release Rotterdam

Free yourself from pain and trauma by Transformational Cupping©, breathwork and healing. Let your body flow freely again!

Everything you experience, feel and breathe is stored in your body. From stress and emotions to childhood experiences that you have never processed. This can cause physical complaints and the feeling that things are repeating themselves. 

Thanh Helps believes in working on Body & Mind. That is why I tackle your physical complaint(s) on a deeper level. Namely at the source of the problem. Think for example of negative emotions such as fear, insecurity or trauma. Or cupping with healing and coaching.

My approach

Cupping is an Oriental healing method that has been practised for centuries. With a cupping massage (including deep tissue massage) I bring the circulation of skin, connective and muscle tissue, which draws out waste products. The vacuum cup on your skin and deep tissue massage release adhesions.

Did you know that physical complaints can arise from the accumulation of waste products, causing adhesions? Often due to hormonal imbalance or unhealthy diet and lifestyle (body and mind).

With cupping, let the energy in your body flow again so that you suffer less from, for example, fatigue and physical, fixed pains. 

During the sessions, there is often a lot of release. It is important that after the sessions this is given time and space to integrate. I like to guide you to give all this a place. We have close contact through WhatsApp, so you do not have to feel alone. You can ask me anything and share with me, nothing is too crazy.

The different options


2 hour session

Book a single session and get a full body experience.

€ 100,-

Per part area (1 hour)

One sub-area at a time (e.g. lower back, abdomen, upper legs)

€ in consultation

Special package

A deeper combination of Cupping, Breathing and Coaching 

On location

In consultation

Thanh Helps

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