How are you doing?

The last time I had an interesting conversation with a friend about this question. How are you doing? When I am asked this question, I feel something coming up internally.

Is this a sincere question from someone or is someone just asking because that is what we are used to saying when we see someone. To which I now first try to ask the counter-question; "Do you really have time to listen to my answer?" because on the other hand, how often do we quickly answer with; "Yes, good! So either we're wasting each other's time and shouldn't have had to ask that question or we're genuinely interested and take the time for each other to really listen. 

How am I doing? I had to think about this for a while because a lot has happened since my last post about my brother's death. For those who don't know me well yet, I live from the up and down moments. This means that when things are going well I do a lot and enjoy multitasking and going out a lot, but am also aware that there will be down moments. Yes, as if I am in a rollercoaster. In which my downs are sometimes really not nice and pleasant. 

The up's of the past period were:

The Asian-Dutch women's day that I organised together with Phuong, where so many beautiful things were touched upon and there was actually too little time. There will certainly be a sequel, partly due to the feedback from the courageous women who took part that day.

The many new people I meet every week (too many to mention), where the conversations are diverse but often go into depth about what is currently going on in our lives and work, and with some even new co-creations arise.

The Consciously Connected Breathing circles that I give every week together with Denise and which more and more people come to experience for themselves.

The massage exchanges with Marije from Tuphana, Marielle from De Zichtbare Kracht and Channa from Channa Pure Food and more to come. That we help each other in our field to also keep working on our own bodies and process. Self-care is important.

The Transformational Cupping treatments that I give myself where the fantastic healing work can be felt and heard from the feedback. So grateful to the people who enter into this process with themselves. It is not easy to undergo this.

The podcast recordings with the various beautiful guests and to be able to share their personal stories with you and for my own healing process.

My inner circle who are close to me and each in his/her own way support me and I support them. Thankful for the many conversations, hugs, laughs, tears, dinners, drinks and dances. You know who you are ♥️

My connection to plant medicine and my personal journey with it. Grateful for the people involved and for the plant medicines themselves to be able to work with them more and more.

✨My rebrand of my website in cooperation with Marketing Genius and Lotte from Doorlotte.

But as I said, with my up's come my down's too:

Physically, I've had a hard time because of my challenge to ground myself here and because of the constant fight-and-flight mode that is (unconsciously) on, partly due to my migrant background. This is especially felt as pains throughout my body. The massage exchanges help with this, but also touch upon other processes because our body stores a lot of old traumas and tensions.

⚡️By losing my physical work location, I noticed that my business also started to falter a bit more. Which in turn came back to me in the form of uncertainty and the question of what exactly I want. Who has a tip for a location in Rotterdam. Let me know!

Due to the bizarre times we are now in, I notice that it is starting to affect me more and more personally. I'm not vaccinated and I respect everyone's choice but I notice that polarisation is starting to set in. I really can't understand some measures because of the contradictions. But I believe that excluding groups is never the answer in any situation. I have therefore decided not to participate in some things anymore and with that I accept that for the time being I cannot do some of the things I like to do with my family and friends. And that actually makes me quite sad.

Connection is the most important thing for me and also the reason why I currently do my work the way I do. I have experienced what loneliness can do to you and I have personally experienced this especially during the first lockdown. Because of this, I am very concerned about the impact of the past 1.5 years on our mental and ultimately our physical health. I already notice in the various conversations what it does to people. And these people have the financial means and the strength to find help now. How can we help the rest.

This was for this time an extra long answer to the question how are you doing. I will share a bit earlier from now on ?

By the way, I'm in my up now ? the full moon and my pms have just come through, so come on with your answers to the question: how are you really doing? 

Dm, app, mail or call me ♥️. 

My (virtual) door is always open. #letsconnect

Lots of love, Thanh

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