Chasing your lucky moments...

How would it feel to chase your moments of happiness all day long? And what would it be like to enjoy this moment and to go for it carefree and without thinking much? How would that make you feel and what choices would you make?

People who know me a little know that I try to enjoy life as much as possible. Especially the death of my brother has brought me with both feet to the ground. He was an epicurean and is my greatest example of how to be so every day. Not without trial and error, of course.

Because I really don't believe that everything has to be 'good' all the time. It is precisely from the lesser moments that I draw my greatest lessons. I believe that every day is a lessonI am striving for a super nice and fun life, but I am also trying to let go and just see what life brings me.

You are free in your choices

Every moment of the day you can ask yourself whether you are doing the things that make you feel good, or whether they are costing you too much energy because you are angry or frustrated. Those are the choices you can make every day. How nice!

This way of thinking helps me enormously in my process. I have it in my own hands and with that I learn to really enjoy the moment itself. Sometimes these choices not equally understandable for everyone or as much fun. But in the end, you live mainly for yourself. And before you are no longer physically there, you may ask yourself at any moment of the day if you can look back on your life with pleasure. Learn to accept death and do not wait. Live in the moment and create your own moments of happiness. You are a nicer person to others when you feel good!

The tip I can give you here: trust your intuition more and make choices that feel good for you, even though others may never understand them. This may be in your work, but also in your private life. Just experience how some choices feel to you. Very scary, but also very nice! Happy Monday & enjoy your day!

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