This was one of your last beautiful views

I remember the day as if it was yesterday when we heard the news that you were no longer there. Broken hearts, disbelief, pain, sadness, anger; a rollercoaster of emotions that was just beyond comprehension.

The story still touches me every time and the days surrounding your death remain a rollercoaster of emotions... the road from grief to enlightenment was for me a huge road of peaks and valleys. It was a road of acceptance and gratitude. The road to get to know myself in an accelerated pace, the road that you let me experience unconsciously through the pain and the loss, through old childhood traumas, beliefs and behaviour, through the transformation of becoming an adult, through living the life that you can no longer live. To trust in the bigger picture and let myself be guided that everything happens for a reason.

For some it is a woolly intention, for others a recognisable path, but for me it is something that is close to my heart and an invitation to learn to accept daily that death will come and to learn that you may be grateful for life. That every day you may rise again and that every day you have a choice how you may live your life, write your own story and really live from the heart. Let's do this together.

Today, together, we remember your life and your last day, the sadness and the pain that goes with it, your last beautiful glimpses of this beautiful earth, and we learn to appreciate that you give us these lessons every time.

I love you and am grateful to be your sister. We keep in touch ❤️

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