Why I see coaching as gifts

In my conversations within the Asian Dutch community, I notice that there is a taboo on coaching, asking for help and mental health.

This is understandable because from our cultural background this is literally ingrained. Talking about materialistic things, like the bigger and nicer car, house or watch, is easier than going into depth.

The question what do you want? Is one of the most difficult questions to answer because we are subservient and actually prefer to just do the things that the other tells us. Because if you enter into this process, it also means that you are going to make yourself vulnerable and are going to open up your 'little book' AND actually take responsibility for what YOU then say you want AND may do. 

How scary is this? We would rather sweep everything under the carpet and continue doing what we think we want to do in order to comply with that external social picture. But believe me, every lesson/challenge that you don't tackle and learn will come back to haunt you.

Therefore, I now see the lessons as gifts and I have had several coaches around me to help me. The process of my childhood, the relationship with my parents, the death of loved ones such as my grandmother and brother, obstacles with regard to work, love relationships, the relationship with myself and the search for inspiration and the meaning of life.

Especially in our community, we want to do things ourselves and on our own. But sometimes conditioning and old patterns are attached to our behaviour, causing us to fall back into old habits much more quickly. In addition, we have limited willpower to really change things.

A long vicious circle can continue if you cannot look at things from a different angle. That is why I asked (and am asking) coaches to help me with this. And because of all my own experiences, I have chosen to help others with this as well.

I guide you 1 on 1 and in confidence we go through your process at your pace. I am clear and direct and give you insights and the handles and tools so you can do it yourself. I make you more self-assured and independent and in five sessions we are already a step further. 

Would you like to meet me, or do you know someone who could use my help? Then contact me through the free intake and together we will look at the next step.

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Love, Thanh

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