Conscious Connected Breathing

Our breathing is the most powerful tool we have and it can help us in many ways. With fear, pain, sadness or tension, for example. Examples of impressions that we process, but also sometimes suppress and hide away.

The death of a loved one, moving house, forms of abuse, illness, being bullied, divorce, bad experiences in childhood and many more. Some impressions take root in the body, especially in the lower abdomen and upper body.

My approach

Disturbances can occur on 3 levels. Physical: chronic (low) back pain, high muscle tension, tennis elbow, headaches, sore throats, constipation, spastic bowels, obesity, heartburn, etc. Or mentally & emotionally: Stress, burn-out, fear, insecurity, doubt or a feeling of inferiority. And spiritually When you feel out of place, misunderstood, oversensitive, unbalanced and insufficiently grounded.

With conscious breathing you always return to now and there is nothing else but that. So how nice it is when you can regulate your breath yourself.

I will help you with that! With accessible and practical exercises that you can easily apply yourself. At work, at home or in a crowded train, anywhere! And that gives you infinite freedom and ultimate connection with yourself.

I also give ceremonies with plant medicines. Click here for more information.


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Are you interested, but do you still have questions? Or are you curious about the practical details of the course? Do not hesitate and send Thanh a message. Send me a message for the options, also when you are not sure about the costs.

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