About Thanh

Sensing others, that is my strength. But also listening and being there for people.

My absolute mission: I want to bring you back to yourself. I believe that all the answers are already within you, but because of all the noise it is not always possible to reach them. I will help you with that!

What changed everything for me

After the death of my brother, my world was turned upside down. Because how do you go on with great sadness? During a retreat in Spain, I really said goodbye to him in a special ritual.

Now I bear the loss more easily. It taught me that conscious living is the most important thing. For me that is: enjoying life, doing what I really want to do and what I am good at. My message to you: do the things that make you happy!

I developed myself through personal development training, spiritual and management literature, a healer training and various retreats.

Best of both worlds: Asian & Dutch

I grew up in two cultures: Asian and Dutch. As difficult as that was, I now see it as a luxury and a strength: The combination of Asian modesty and Dutch directness. I turned this mismatch into an advantage: I am using the best of both worlds!

Training and experience

After studying Facility Management, I ended up through the grapevine at a large corporate company in the energy sector. Here I discovered how practical I am and that I learn mainly by doing. As a project manager, I learned how to organise, connect and convince.

I got to know the playing field, but especially myself. A smaller consultancy company suited me better. I became acquainted with family and organisation constellations, horse coaching, DISC profiles, management drives and core quadrants and had the opportunity to use this internally as a HR coach apply.

After this, I started working at a start-up focused on children's creativity in relation to adult issues. This is where I discovered my passion: coaching, entrepreneurship, inspiring and connecting others, innovating and, above all, believing that anything is possible!

The different options


Learn how to embrace and leverage your cultural diversity. 

Full Body Release

Let your energy flow again and remove blockages.

Consciously connected breathing

Discover how to use breathing to relax.

On location

In consultation

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