Feeling good through balance in body and mind

It has been a little quiet on my part for a while. A period in which I processed internal processes and just spent a lot of time on myself. To further realise my own dream!

Because after my last post on fulfilling dreams I noticed that this is also a challenge for me. What is it that makes it so difficult for me to write down my dreams and deepest desires and to express them? Maybe this is true for you too.

What keeps us from expressing what we really want? I am not talking about 'I want a lot of money', because then the question is: 'what would I do with it? No, there is a different answer. Often our deepest desires so hidden, we often don't want to, or can't, think about them, let alone express them.

These are my deepest desires

I, too, noticed a blockage here. The fear that someone will find my wishes stupid. Or that nobody is waiting for them. Why not just express our desires? Dreaming from a different perspective look at them: what if they do come true? How would we feel? Isn't it just worth trying?

Well, here it comes, from my side. What I want most is for everyone to feel good, physically and mentally. To be able to live the best life possible. I am convinced that if you feel physically and mentally fit, you can handle anything in life. The goods and the lows. And I would love to join forces with others who have exactly the same dream. People with any kind of expertise, people who want to work together - I invite you!

Fit and vital is different for every body, of course. But everyone has an idea of what it means to feel good. Think of the moments when the sun shines on your face, your favourite meal is in front of you, you get a hug or win a prize, you see a child laughing, an old lady smiles at you, and so on.

Find out what works for you

The more attention you pay to your mental and physical fitness, the better you will be able to cope with life's challenges. No matter how big or small they may be at the time. From the current pandemic to throwing away your favourite piece of clothing.

In recent years, I have started to immerse myself in the mental piece. I am still discovering how things work for me mentally and how to deal with it. During the corona period, I focused mainly on the physical part. Because body and mind are connected and cannot exist without each other.

For years, I have been reading about the effect of food on the body and the influence of the food industry. I have also done all kinds of challenges, such as a juice detox, eating completely vegan and intermitted fasting. Now, I am working on a health cure, in which I temporarily adjust my diet in combination with high-quality food supplements, in order to supplement the shortages in our current diet.

I am now halfway through and feel super fit and healthy. Furthermore, it is mainly a mental battle, because my body quickly got used to a different eating pattern. Of course, challenges are temporary, but they allow you to find out what lifestyle suits you. A search for a sound balance.

Find the ideal combination

I have found it in the combination of exercise (yoga and hiit training), meditation for rest, at least half an hour's walk a day and healthy eating. And yes, I also enjoy my 'cheat days', which I now regard as ultimate moments of happiness. Precisely because I experience them very consciously.

My tip for you: experience it for yourself and feel what works for you. There is no ready-made solution. Go exploring and get to know your body and mind.

Are you curious? I would be happy to tell you more about it. And if you feel the need, I am at your service again. With the relaxation of the measures, I can receive people again, with an appropriate distance, of course. Please contact me for the possibilities and an introduction without any obligation. Also if you feel like work together. See you soon and lots of love!

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