Why coaching is so important

I feel like sharing more with you! For example, why I chose the coaching profession. And why I like having coaches around me.

In life, you face challenges every day. I see them as beautiful lessons you receive as a gift. But to be able to see them as gifts, you sometimes have to walk a road. In my life I have had several coaches around me to guide me in processes. The process of my childhood, the relationship with my parents, the death of loved ones such as my grandmother and brother, obstacles related to work, love relationships, the relationship with myself and the search for inspiration and the meaning of life.

Breaking vicious circles

We often want to do things ourselves and on our own, how we are used to doing them. But sometimes there are Conditionings and old patterns under behaviour, causing us to fall back into old habits. In addition, we often have limited willpower to really change things.

A long vicious circle can continue if you don't look at things from a different perspective can see. That is why I asked (and still ask) coaches and mentors to help me. And through all my own experiences, I have chosen to help others as well.

My Mission

It is my mission to help anyone who is open to it with their health. Because I believe that if you are fit and vital, in body and mind, you can really take on anything. Coaching is not necessarily about problems, but to make you even stronger feel.

I assume customisedbecause every body and every mindset is different. Together we look for the best solution. And if I I am happy to connect you to the people in my network. Especially now, I support people with work-related questions. People who are afraid of losing their job. But also people who now have the time to think about what they actually want.

I hope you too will dare to choose for yourself, starting now. So that you don't have to waste any more time and take back control of your life. To make this life the best and most beautiful one!

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